It’s been a while! Like over a year. Sorry about that, anyone who stuck around for some reason or another. I’m lazier than ever and wish Big Pharma would invent the motivation pill, but they haven’t yet. So here’s a quick post on things that don’t suck.

I started going to the gym in early September. I haven’t lost any weight or done anything impressive like that (because my horrible diet hasn’t changed at all), but I go to the gym now. It’s not always terrible and I might be slightly healthier, who knows.

I decided to start taking cosmetology (specifically, esthetics) classes. I’m pretty sure, like 90%, that I want to be a professional makeup artist. I’m only just taking my first, introductory class, but I’m working on a definite career path now. Also, the nice lady behind Pixel’s Polish is in my class, and she is probably the main reason why I revamped my own blog and started writing this post…because she runs a blog while being married, becoming a nail tech, and changing her nail polish more often than once a trimester. SO INSPIRATIONAL.

Kiki, my cat, has progressively made herself more comfortable in our house. Kiki’s story is a long one for another post that might never get written, but yeah, she’s lying next to me and she’s adorable.

Sam is my boyfriend and we had a second anniversary in January. We ate burgers. He doesn’t make me vomit and he tolerates my hair experimentation.

Here are a couple of makeup looks I did in the past few months! Feel free to click on them to enlarge, because they’re huge. For product lists, click here and here (the albums in those posts have some additional photos and information, as well as better layouts…sorry, WordPress).










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