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It’s been a while! Like over a year. Sorry about that, anyone who stuck around for some reason or another. I’m lazier than ever and wish Big Pharma would invent the motivation pill, but they haven’t yet. So here’s a … Continue reading

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Swatch Skittles: Wet n Wild and Revlon

So I finally got around to buying more stuff to swatch (makeup is expensive and food is more fulfilling in the short term, okay?). I ended up with three nail polishes today from CVS, and a while ago two nail … Continue reading

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Yes, Kids, I Acquired Even More Crap

The haul is back with a vengeance. (Because, you know, it was gone for so long.) I won’t make an Electric Boogaloo joke because that is seriously one of the most played-out references of all time. And also I wasn’t … Continue reading

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