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Makeup Look: I’m Not Really an Egyptian

(Apparently legally required disclaimer: None of the products mentioned in this post were provided to me by any company for review purposes, and there are no affiliate links. One product was acquired through a giveaway, and the rest were either … Continue reading

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It’s been a while! Like over a year. Sorry about that, anyone who stuck around for some reason or another. I’m lazier than ever and wish Big Pharma would invent the motivation pill, but they haven’t yet. So here’s a … Continue reading

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Swatch Skittles: Wet n Wild and Revlon

So I finally got around to buying more stuff to swatch (makeup is expensive and food is more fulfilling in the short term, okay?). I ended up with three nail polishes today from CVS, and a while ago two nail … Continue reading

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My Favorite Cosmetics

Title is self-explanatory. Coming to you live (not) from my small (for a blogger) collection, here are photos and descriptions of my favorite products! Note that these are what work for me, not necessarily for you. Links lead to a … Continue reading

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CoverGirl Blast Flipsticks

Since I keep spending money on food, I haven’t bought expensive makeup (i.e., costing more than ~$10) in some months. It’s just my luck, then, that drugstore makeup is pretty awesome right now. I bought these three (well, six) lipsticks … Continue reading

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More Looks, Yay!

pic unrelated Two of ’em, even! Before I probably stop talking about makeup and go back to legitimate thoughts! These include product lists, too. Ooh, fancy. (Above creepy screenshot included because this intro is too short [because I’m bad at … Continue reading

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No, really, this is getting excessive.

Things I have bought or otherwise acquired recently: Wet n Wild (Fast Dry Nail Color in 238C Party of Five Glitters, Color Icon™ Eyeshadow Trio [trademark!] in 331 I Dream of Greenie) Sleek (Blush in Aruba, Flushed, and Sunrise; i-Divine in Curaçao … Continue reading

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