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Things You Learn from Watching Cartoon Network Every Day

1. Advertising geared toward children and their exhausted parents is annoying and relentless. 2. Nostalgia, like most trends, is cyclical. 2a. Some franchises—Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, DC heroes, and apparently Furby—just won’t die. 2b. The balance of shitty and excellent shows … Continue reading

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Bits of Interest

Here are a few posts and articles that’ve caught my eye recently. Enjoy! *** Breasts according to Beauty Woo Me (as an owner of boobs, I approve of Kate Upton) PARTY HARD via the L.A. Times (I went to this show…everything … Continue reading

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Dogs and Cats: Pros and Cons, Comparing and Contrasting, and Other Parallels and Perpendiculars

I found this collecting dust with my unpublished, unfinished rough drafts. It’s a few months old, so some of it’s a bit passé, but I decided to polish it up. If you want more of this type of writing, I … Continue reading

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What’s inside your head?

The other day, it occured to me that it seemed strange that people are able to deal having to be with themselves 24/7 (if one counts dreams). (This stemmed from thinking, not for the first time, How the hell do … Continue reading

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My sleep schedule refuses to agree with me and I fell from several feet up and hurt my back. It’s difficult to write a blog, let alone finish my college applications. Those are taking precedence over Cockamamied right now, but … Continue reading

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I swear I have not been trying to pull a Hyperbole and a Half on y’all (big ups to Allie Brosh), but finding something worthy of publishing here has been a challenge. Since this blog’s inception*, I have brainstormed a … Continue reading

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National Coming-out Day

…is today (October 11th, in U.S.A.), according to posts on my Facebook news feed. I kind of already came out as pansexual a while ago, and I have never even used a closet (literally, and…figuratively too?) but I’ll start writing … Continue reading

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