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YOLO Is Fucking Ludicrous

I jumped on the bandwagon of telling people my own age to get off my lawn a long time ago. Here, we continue driving. You Only Live Once…unless you’re Hindu. But then, you’re probably not too concerned with coming up … Continue reading

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Dogs and Cats: Pros and Cons, Comparing and Contrasting, and Other Parallels and Perpendiculars

I found this collecting dust with my unpublished, unfinished rough drafts. It’s a few months old, so some of it’s a bit passé, but I decided to polish it up. If you want more of this type of writing, I … Continue reading

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Short Post: Twitter Feud (Not Really)

Someone tweet-complained that, while the UK has free healthcare, USA has Mt. Rushmore (and homeless people). I noticed because it was retweeted by someone I follow (whose blog I read). To be fair, according to a spot of research Googling*, … Continue reading

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