Swatch Skittles: Wet n Wild and Revlon

Pinkie—index: The polishes referenced in the title. Thumb: 207 by Inglot over Macbeth by Butter London; lighting: ambient indoors

So I finally got around to buying more stuff to swatch (makeup is expensive and food is more fulfilling in the short term, okay?). I ended up with three nail polishes today from CVS, and a while ago two nail polishes that I completely forgot to swatch from Rite Aid, and now that I think about it, two more polishes from Rite Aid that I never posted my swatches of. Crap. Well, I’m not changing the title now.

[time lapse while I edit photos] Oh, yeah. This is going to be long and picture-heavy. (Isn’t it always?)

Let’s just start off with a list of what’s in this post:

Okay, so what happened was this: I was in CVS, I went straight to the beauty aisle (per usual always), looked at/for almost everything (except for the damn Spoiled polishes, which I couldn’t find the display of, despite the unpurchased polishes being scattered everywhere), and grabbed a few things that caught my eye (excepting the lone Perplex I found. Evidently, they’re still kicking around! Wish these were too :c). These are those things.

L—R: Buffy the Violet Slayer, Not So Blueberry, Saved by the Blue; flash

For simplicity’s sake, I’ll include in this batch:

SaGreena the Teenage Witch; flash

Same order; direct sunlight

Swatches? Swatches.

One coat each; direct sunlight

Two coats each; direct sunlight

The first thing I want to talk about is these polishes’ brushes. From worst to best, it’s SaGreena, Blue, Buffy, and Blueberry. My SaGreena’s brush is defective and was possibly cut with safety scissors, because it’s freaking terrible and none of my other WnW brushes are quite like this (Blue is a bit iffy, but nowhere near as crappy). Here are some quick photos I took to showcase its lumpiness, which definitely impedes application. Buffy’s brush is decent, and Blueberry’s brush is perfect for what it is (i.e., design could be better, but execution is flawless). As for opacity/formula: Buffy is pretty amazing at one coat, Blueberry needs two or three coats depending on how shoddily/streakily you apply it (it dries pretty quickly, so don’t hem and haw over it), Blue is almost there at two and would be great at three, and SaGreena would probably be okay at two coats if it didn’t have such a shitty brush; they all have slightly thin, well-behaving, smooth-flowing textures which dry within a couple of minutes. Finish-wise, they could all use shiny topcoat (I didn’t use top- or basecoat [hello, ridges] in my swatches). Buffy dries a bit satiny, Blueberry has texture to it, and Blue’s and SaGreena’s shimmers really stand out with that last step.

Most importantly, the colors. They’re all gorgeous, obviously, but Blueberry has jumped into my top favorite polishes, because it’s a really nuanced shade—a bit of silver, a bit of pink, a bit of blue, a bit of purple, a bit of green. It changes with the angle of your fingers, and it has these gorgeous particles that give it the neatest look. Ahem…as for the others. They’re go very well together (WnW’s Fast Dry range is a well-edited collection of essential colors with TV show-based puns for names); two secondary and one primary color, all with pretty, coordinating shimmer. They’re must-haves for every nail polish owner, in my opinion.

Oh, yeah, and Blueberry is scented. I don’t go around smelling a lot of blueberries, so to me it’s just vaguely fruity/sweet, which I find pleasant (I’m kind of crazy for artificial fruit flavors,  though. Mm, purple). Within a couple of inches, it becomes noticeable, as well as distracting while eating a [delicious] turkey crossainwich (I had to do something while waiting for my swatches to dry). So…I really like Not So Blueberry a lot.


The next two polishes are by Jesse’s Girl, a brand exclusive to Rite Aid, and I bought them on a whim (my drugstore purchases are rarely premeditated). Okay, now check this:

L—R: Confetti, Glee; flash

Aw, shit. What’s that? It’s gorgeous duochrome sparkle, homes. Get used to it.

Same order; shitty incandescent

Need I say more? Actually, yes, but after.

Same order; flash

Now let’s get to the swatches, and then I’ll start saying stuff.

One coat each; flash

Two coats each; flash

Three coats; flash

What you might be able to see here is that, while Glee has a medium-opacity, teal base (which would probably look best at three coats, and which definitely stains), Confetti’s color mainly comes from its shimmer particles, and its base is a very sheer lavender, which is passable at three coats, but would be much better at four. The thing with sheer colors like this is that, at an angle, it doesn’t look very pretty (the particles aren’t reflecting any light to you, so you can see how patchy and sheer the base is). It’s a very pretty finish in gorgeous colors, though, so you could layer these over an opaque polish for different results. As far as I remember (these photos were taken in November!), these don’t take a long time to dry—I mean, shimmer particles are already solid—and the brushes are functional. No, they’re not scented.


Right now, you might be thinking, Helena/Cockamamied/some other alias, you listed Wet n Wild Black Crème above, but you haven’t swatched or reviewed it! What gives? Well, astute reader, I listed it because I bought it with SaGreena, and most all you need to know about that polish is in its name. It’s a shiny, black one-coater. (Stock up.) Also, I used it (as well as SaGreena and Glee) in this manicure I applied on the 21st of February and chipped well into March:

In a gym, on a basketball court, under some kind of artificial light....

Outside, on the sidewalk (?), in direct sunlight....

I don’t recall whose leg my hand is shadowing in the latter photo; sorry.


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  1. Steffi says:

    Waaaah, Flash is amazing!!!!!!

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