CoverGirl Blast Flipsticks

Since I keep spending money on food, I haven’t bought expensive makeup (i.e., costing more than ~$10) in some months. It’s just my luck, then, that drugstore makeup is pretty awesome right now.

I bought these three (well, six) lipsticks from Rite-Aid after seeing Scrangie’s review and swatches. Got another purple in lieu of Tease, though, because: c’mon, purple; b. as pretty as the shimmer side of Tease was, red tends to bore me.

Here are pictures of the [flip]sticks and swatches:

815 Flashy

840 Stunner

860 Intense

L-R: Intense, Stunner, Flashy

L-R: Intense, Stunner, Flashy

Corresponding shades layered. L-R: Intense, Stunner, Flashy

Corresponding shades layered. L-R: Intense, Stunner, Flashy

As you can see, they’ve got slip to them, and the shimmer shades are less opaque than the “cream” (less shimmery) shades. All of the shades have some sort of shimmer to them, whether it’s the subtle ones of Intense, the hidden sparkle (we’ll get to that later) of Stunner, or the duochrome of Flashy. The shimmer shades to change up their corresponding shades, but not drastically. Here are lip swatches (which are pretty bad because my lips were really dry at the time and I’m always the laziest lipstick applier ever), which show the layering effects better.

815 Flashy: cream shade

815 Flashy: cream and shimmer shades layered

815 Flashy: shimmer shade

Flashy’s shimmer shade is a blue-pink…and that’s all I’ll say about that. Its cream shade is a red-leaning purple with blue flash (pinks and purple with blue flash being not too uncommon), and was patchy for me and wouldn’t look even. When layered,  the result is something subtly lighter and pinker than the cream side. I imagine one could vary the amount applied of each variable to change the product (I keep getting the urge to refer to the different sides as x and y), although I don’t know what the control in that experiment would be.

840 Stunner: cream shade

840 Stunner: cream and shimmer shades layered

840 Stunner: shimmer shade

Stunner’s shimmer shade is a golden orange shimmer in a basically clear base. It’s quite pretty from afar; it just didn’t look good on my chapped-ass lips. Its cream shade is a gorgeous, very slightly pinked orange, not neon but not subdued. When the two shades are layered, they become more of a bright coral, and the result was a bit patchy for me (not nearly as bad as Flashy). There is one caveat, though: The cream shade has glitter in it. Glitter per se is all well and fine, but anyone who knows glitter knows it needs a proper base to work. A base that lets the glitter shine through. Stunner’s too pigmented and creamy to let the glitter show, so it’s invisible—but oh, you can still feel it. Stunner ends up being gritty and a PITA to remove. I didn’t wear for an extended period, but the relatively heavy base leads me to believe that the glitter shouldn’t travel too far during wear.

860 Intense: cream shade

860 Intense: cream and shimmer shades layered

860 Intense: shimmer shade

And now, for my favorite! Intense’s shimmer shade is…well, I don’t know what color it is, actually. But it’s the most wearable of the shades for me, and it’s gorgeous. Maybe it’s a rosy beige? Yeah, let’s go with that. Its cream shade is a burgundy wine (which, in my opinion, is a kind of purple) that emphasizes the crappy texture of my crappy lips more than the other shades, as well as having some unevenness. Layered, the result is browner than the cream shade, and just as pretty. I love this one, y’all.


So, there’s a good range of shades, they’re not too costly ($7.99 at, which has terrible swatches; Covergirl’s swatches are better), and the metallic ombré packaging is freakin’ cool. What’s wrong with these?

  • Scent. I also have two LipPerfection shades, and they’re all fragranced identically. They smell similar to Shimmer Lights shampoo (which, incidentally, makes my skin itch); a sickly sweet floral. God, I hate florals.
  • A recurring theme of patchiness. Would most likely be improved by careful application and making sure not to smack one’s lips.
  • The cream shades don’t actually have cream finishes. Again, not bad per se, but the description should match the product.
  • All of the cream shades stain. Bright pink. Paired with Stunner’s glitter, this means that removal looks like this:

    The hidden glitter finally came out to play

I kinda like these. They’re nice if you don’t mind uneven color (hey, some people don’t…) and have a decent range of colors and interesting concept. The display was, of course, a bit picked-over when I got to it—they always are—but I’d try out more if I had the opportunity to.

Your parting gift: Another photo of my überstained lips.

ze goggles, zey do nothing


P.S. Yes, I got a labret piercing. I really need update my FAQ with all the crap that has flown at me since.


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