What’s inside your head?

The other day, it occured to me that it seemed strange that people are able to deal having to be with themselves 24/7 (if one counts dreams). (This stemmed from thinking, not for the first time, How the hell do people not get sick of me? I have great self esteem.) It just seems obvious and self-evident to me that spending too much time inside your own head is bound to make you insane.
But then I remembered that a lot of people aren’t as internal and pensive as I am; I think to myself constantly, holding monologues (dialogues, if boredom strikes hard enough), imagining scenarios, philosophizing if I’m fancy. Normal people seem to me to spend a lot of time holding actual dialogues, doing actual activities, and…listening to other people philosophize. Maybe that’s why they’re normal and I have “hang-ups;” because I think too much, and spend too much time with myself, and am actually mildly crazy.
But I wouldn’t’ve realized that if I hadn’t been thinking about it.


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2 Responses to What’s inside your head?

  1. psuedonym says:

    i think everyone has an inner monologue and imagines scenarios and such.

    • Helena says:

      Sure, but once it gets to a certain extent it’s a bit consuming.
      I will concede that it was a lot worse a few years ago, when I was agoraphobic and didn’t leave my house (or, um, my room. I never started weight-lifting, though).

      Nice name, by the way! :p

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