I swear I have not been trying to pull a Hyperbole and a Half on y’all (big ups to Allie Brosh), but finding something worthy of publishing here has been a challenge.
Since this blog’s inception*, I have brainstormed a good number of lackluster drafts that never came into fruition (as I write this [at, like, 4am], I’m not quite sure that anyone other than myself will see it, a concept that is mindfucking me a bit). But, as of late, that issue has become a bit of an epidemic whenever I tried to type something up. I blame two things: Being busy, and being lazy.
I’m not actually really that busy. I’m relatively busy. Busy as graded on a curve. Busy for me. In between schoolwork, applications, philosophizing (I spend a good chunk of time simply thinking), and trying to find time to sleep enough (I’ve napped three days this week so far…but they weren’t really naps because they were all longer than two three hours each), when I have down time–which I actually have a good quantity of (curve, people! I HAVE PRIORITIES!!)–I am more likely to spend it upvoting “rescued” dogs on Imgur, reading Temptalia, and watching efukt clips than fine-tuning words about myself.
Laziness, on the other hand, is something that almost everyone (my mother seems to disagree, although I can’t fathom why) can agree I possess. It’s been a problem my whole life, but has as-yet-inexplicably escalated recently. Seriously, you guys, I am SO behind on magazines I have to read. Nor can I be bothered to leave my house to socialize, and consuming my dietary supplements…it’s just really hard to justify the discomfort of swallowing however many pills when I ate In-N-Out almost exclusively for a week that one time (in other words, I don’t care about this “health” business). Writing a decent blog post can take a few hours…that could be spent reblogging pictures of vulvas on tumblr. JUST THE CLICK OF A BUTTON Y’ALL

So, uh, in short because I’m actually tired now: I apologize for abandoning you, my dear three readers. I think about you every day. Promise.


P.S. I totally recognize that this will get 0 views because of the ungodly hour, but I’m on my phone in my grandma’s house and my drunk brother said I’m six feet tall. Your argument is irrelevant oh god please excuse all of the typos I inevitably made


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4 Responses to Meanwhile…

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  2. G.D. Hardin says:

    A week of in N out leaves me both envious and amazed… and now maybe a little sad, cause now I’m hungry.

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