Yes, Kids, I Acquired Even More Crap

The haul is back with a vengeance. (Because, you know, it was gone for so long.) I won’t make an Electric Boogaloo joke because that is seriously one of the most played-out references of all time. And also I wasn’t alive when it happened. Would the Electric Boogaloo of my time be…Crank 2? Yes. Yes, it would. Suss-suss-sudio!

On to the meat of the blogwich: I went shopping on a few different occasions for a few different things, because I’m a woman of varied tastes. All of them perennially exquisite.
Oh shut up, I’m stimulating the economy, okay?? (Disclaimer: I put my stimulus check in my savings account. Sorry, Obama.)

From Rite Aid:

As raved about on lacquerized. SO MUCH better than Seche Vite, and cheaper.

From American Apparel:
A rainbow-checked shirt (shown below; apparently the last of its kind available, and probably a man’s XL, making me look like a lesbian), this (in Forest), and this (in Black).

From Urban Outfitters:
Five pairs of jeans (all by BDG), a rainbow-puke sweater (FUCK I love rainbows), two dresses, a pair of floral-print Nikes, assorted shirts (including an American flag one, because I’m a latent hipstersexual), and THIS  (hi, Mia!):

Mister fucking Rogers. Mia models her boyfriend’s Three Wolf Moon/Keyboard Cat (a.k.a. Three Cat Moon) shirt. Together, no one can stop our amazing shirts.

From Models Own (during their 50% off sale):
Nail polishes in Orangeade, Green Flash, Purple Grey, Dusty Mauve; Smash-up polishes in Silver, Black, Purple; and kohl pencils in Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Blue.

All my ducks, lined up in a row.

Purple Grey, Dusty Mauve, Smash-up Purple, Green Flash, Orangeade

Sitting pretty.

Orangeade, Green Flash, Dusty Mauve, Purple Grey, Smash-up Purple, and the eyeliners.

Purple Grey; Smash-up Purple, Black, Silver. Bottom: MAC’s Black Enough? and $$$$$ Yes, to compare.

The eyeliners, swatched on skin. Neon Yellow, while bright, is not a true neon yellow. It’s not radioactive-bright, and it has a goldenrod warmth to it. Neon Green is true to its name, as well as creamy, with more slip than the other two (which can lend itself to patchiness). Neon Blue is a true neon blue (which is actually a bit periwinkle, but such is the neon pigment’s nature).

Smash-up Purple applied [lazily] over China Glaze’s Watermelon Rind (which was a week old, and on newly nubbified nails, so…bad picture). It has a gorgeous velvet look to it, due its pretty shimmer, which makes me not want to put top coat on it (although I have to, so it won’t chip off).

Smash-up Black over Watermelon Rind. Again: messy/terrible. Just experimenting, folks!

Smash-up Silver was harder to work with than Purple and Black. I think thicker coats are better with Silver, while Purple and Black are more fool-proof. UGLY NAILS ARE UGLY

Smash-up Purple’s shimmer being pretty. Smash-up Silver also has shimmer (obviously), as well as some little microglitter particles interspersed within the formula.

A Tony Montana-level of nose candy to celebrate my coke nails before I chopped them all off. (I like to prepare myself for tragedies. I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist!)

From various stores of groceries and conveniences (ahem, Rite-Aid and Ralph’s):
A bunch of magazines

Also, food. So much food.

My next purchases, as I plan them, will be makeup (one can never have enough, okay?) and more makeup, as well as more food.


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2 Responses to Yes, Kids, I Acquired Even More Crap

  1. Ana says:

    Still here, still reading, still finding your style fun.

    Also, I love short nails.
    [I shortened mine today since they were crazy long (which is just a bit longer than your twitpic short ones 😀 ) and there was much rejoicing.]

    • Helena says:

      Thanks for persevering through my rantings. [insert thumbs up]
      Really? Obviously, I don’t mind other people having short nails (is there a manicure counterpart to Soup Nazi?), but I love me some talons (thankfully, my nails grow quickly). Being able to intimidate people with them is a great feeling.

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