Short Post: Twitter Feud (Not Really)

Someone tweet-complained that, while the UK has free healthcare, USA has Mt. Rushmore (and homeless people). I noticed because it was retweeted by someone I follow (whose blog I read).
To be fair, according to a spot of research Googling*, the UK instituted universal healthcare in 1948, and Mt. Rushmore was finished in ’39. It was started in ’27. The second country to have universal (socialized) healthcare was the Soviet Union, also in the ’20s (after the Franco-Prussian war 1870, Otto van Bismarck created “[t]he first system of socialized medicine based on compulsory insurance with state subsidy”).
You know, the Soviet Union. That place that used to exist, with all those impoverished people in it. Oh, and statues (granted, not quite the same scale as Mt. Rushmore, but there are a fucking lot of statues in the former SU.)
Besides, those two places that had socialized healthcare back when Mt. Rushmore began a-chiselin’ were either Deutschland (who I’m sure America was thrilled with after WWI) or Communists (with whom we eventually had a short, little “cold war,” so to speak, if you can’t recall, although America was probably very eager to emulate the Communists before that mess).

I’m not saying universal healthcare is bad (I would very gladly pay higher taxes for it), I’m saying that the complaint doesn’t make any sense. To put it simply: Doesn’t every fucking country with monuments have goddamn homeless people??

* If you’re wondering where I got a piece of information, JFGI.

P.S. I’m probably full of shit and got every single one of the facts wrong, but remember that I have a hat with the American flag on it.
I am not taking this seriously, I’m just biding my time while waiting for a doctor’s appointment in FUCK several hours how in the hell will I stay awake. I still love your blog and will continue to read it while waiting on the corner to earn the co-pay for my Zoloft.


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