First [Real] Post: Haul

Recently, I went on a bit of a spree on the Third Street Promenade with a friend (and elsewhere). I got the following things:

• Deborah Lippmann nail polishes in Marquee Moon, Glitter in the Air ($16/each)
• Urban Outfitters nail polish in Smush (one would expect such a polish to be the color of pickles) ($5/each, $8 for two where/when I was)
• Benefit Cha Cha Tint ($29)
• BareMinerals Prime Time in Urban Nature ($18, GORGEOUS duochrome)
• Too Faced Starry-eyed eyeliner in Restraining Order ($17.50. I…don’t get it, really, but the glitter is gorgeous, so whatever)
•MaybellineColor Shine Sensational lipstick in Raspberry Ice ($???, although I suspect them to be around 8, they don’t show up on Maybelline’s website, but the label says Color Sensational. I learned about them here)

I also as a hat from Urban Outfitters ($24–would you believe that the cashier at UO didn’t know what “haggling” is? Sigh), a Popobe C3PO-esque cell phone charm from Puzzle Zoo ($6.95. I have loved PZ since I was a kid, back when they had Sailor Moon toy sets, squee!), and a bunch of adorable stuff from Marukai. Marukai had a REALLY cute cashier named Haydn…I think I’m gonna go back soon.

Pictures (swatches!) after the jump.

Click to enlarge.

[Some of] the goods.

Marquee Moon

Glitter in the Air

GitA is what dreams are made of

Smush, obviously

All lined up

I already messed up the bottle...I already messed up the bottle…

Cha Cha Tint at 7:30 am (I was up early because…long story)

These are a lot tinier than I’d imagined, even after seeing them in Christine’s hands!

Restraining Order at 7:30 am…on my windowsill

Marquee Moon, Glitter in the Air, Smush, Cha Cha Tint

Urban Nature, Restraining Order being glorious

Left: flash, right: incandescent

The label and plastic are actually neon pink…flash photography is strange!

Mentally, I’ve accidentally been calling this Fruit Punch…because that’s what it smells like. (FYI, you’d only be able to smell it when it’s on if you made duckface, which you shouldn’t make in the first place.)

Fruit Punch is hella sheer.So sheer, but I got it for the novelty of it, so I don’t mind

FruitRaspberry Ice is still pretty. [Your] right side of my lips is bare (and dry, ick)

This hat is awesome

It kind of gets in the way of taking photos/videos if I’m not careful

My dirty-ass laptop was in the background, so I blurred it out


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